Billboard Chose Lady Gaga as Woman Of TheYear

Lady Gaga was named woman of the year by music magazine Billboard, after a 2015 song that saw her channel, Julie Andrews at the Oscars, tour with Tony Bennett that highlighted the problem of college sexual assaults.
Gaga was chosen because she has been “a key influential figure who drove the conversation” this year, said Janice Min, who oversees Billboard as co-president of parent company Guggenheim Media’s Entertainment Group. This is made known in a statement on Tuesday.
“There is no woman dominating popular culture tastes and its evolution as much as she is today,” said Min.
The “Born This Way” singer won roaring applause and social media acclaim for belting “Sound of Music” tunes at the Oscars ceremony in February.
She played 36 shows on an international tour with crooner Tony Bennett, and this month she released the song and video “Til It Happens to You”.
The song will be featured in a documentary about sexual assault at college campuses. Next week she will hit television screens in a leading role on FX’s “American Horror Story.
“Gaga, 29 will be presented with the honour at a Billboard ceremony in New York in December that will be shown live on national television for the first time. Last year’s honouree was Taylor Swift.

‘All I got in this World is my word and my balls. Ain’t breaking Any for no One’ – D’Banj Said as He Grabbed his Koko

D’Banj, Eja Nla, Banga Lee, The Koko master himself shared a picture of him grabbing his Koko on social media and he wrote
“All I got in this World is my word and my balls. Ain’t breaking Any for no One … I Only Trust in God”

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Wise quote: Wisdom the principal thing

After secondary school, some of our class-
mates had gone out of the country, some are
now graduates, some are married, some had
given birth, some are dead, some are in
tertiary institutions, some haven’t gained
admission. But you know that feeling when you
meet your class-mate, and it seems like he/
she has reached his/ her dreams and you are
not yet close to yours? Yes, some how feels
like jealousy, it’s a normal feeling but you
must not regret your life. We all are different
and our path to greatness are not the same in
distance, some might reach before you, some
after you, but wherever level you are today,
please keep trying to break limitations and
move further. Celebrate the success of others,
it’s an application for yours. There is
something great in you, the desire in you, keep
it burning,surely challenges will come. Write
down what you pass through because one day
the world would be ready to read it. There is
no height you can’t attain just believe, define
goals and sort out those things that tends to
distract you. Spend time teaching youself,
because most of the things that takes people
to the top are those things they devote time to
develop. Don’t be intimidated by your fellows
success, the sky is too wide that birds can fly
without touching themselves. In addition, be
careful of the kind of people you call your
friends. Make friends with people you can
learn from and not those that will suck out the
little you have gotten. Recreate your world and
be kind to people, because the truth is that no
one knows tomorrow, you are living well and
your friend is not doesn’t mean he/she will
remain there forever. Remember life is like a
bulb, changes positons, so you can’t tell the
position you will be tomorrow. SEE YOU AT

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Gents! Would You Rock This Alligator Foot Wear ? (Photos)

Normally, I would have called this creative and being innovative, fashion wise, but since I’m not a huge fan of reptiles, I DESPISE THIS!
But hey! That’s just me. Seriously, my distinguished gentlemen, would you ever dare to rock a foot wear like this?
It’s actually real just so you know.

Waec Gce 2015 Commerce Obj And Theory Answers – Nov/Dec Expo

The 100% Correct 2015 Waec Gce Commerce Answers
Comrce obj.
3a) A brand is a product, service, or concept
that is publicly distinguished from other
products, services, or concepts so that it
can be easily communicated and usually
(2a) Letter of enquiry: This is written by the buyer to the producer or supplier asking information about certain goods which are for sales. The letter will enquire about the terms of sales payment, delivery and other relevant information.
(2b) Catalogue: This is a pictorial presentation of goods and articles available for sales. It can also be used as a quotation or reply to enquiry.
(2c) Delivery note: This is a document whch usually accompanies the delivery of goods. It provides the buyer with the list of items in a particular consignment. It enables the goods to be checked by the buyer to ensure they are delivered in good condition. It is used as evidence of delivery.
(2d) Credit Note: This is a document sent by the seller to the buyer to correct an overcharge. It is also sent by the seller to correct an overcharge in an invoice sent when the buyer has returned some quantity of goods to the seller.
(5a) Subrogation is defined as a legal right that allows one party to make a payment that is actually owed by another party and then collect the money from the party that owes the debt after the fact.
(5b) Proximate cause: This principle states that only the losses or liability which arise from the direct and immediate cause of the event insured against are are indemnified. There must be a link btwn the loss suffered and the risk for which the insurance has been taken.
(5c) Premium: This is the payment made on an insurance company for an insurance policy, it can be paid annually, weekly or monthly depending on the agreement.
(5d) Barratry: This refers to any act committed by the capital of a ship that is contrary to the interest of the ship owners.
(5e) Utmost good faith: This is also known as uberrinae fides, it states that in any insurance contract, all relevant information that will affect the validity of the agreement must bedisclosed by the parties involve. Failure to, will render the contract void.
(1a)fuctions to manufacturer
(i)bulk breaking: the wholesaler purchases in bulk or large quantity from the maunfacturer and sells in small quantities to the retailers
(ii)finaning:they finance production by ensuring prompt payment to the manufacturer
(iii)warehousing: the wholesaler provides warehousing facilities to get rid of stock pilling at the production point
(iv)Advertising: the wholesaler helps in carrying out product advertising and sales promotions
(V)price stability: they help to prevent fluatuation by stocinh the goods until they are demanded.
(1b)to the retailers
(i)makes goods available in small quantity: wholsaler divides the goods into small quantities in order to sell to the retailers
(Ii)transportation services: the wholesaler can help to transport the goods to the retailer’s shop
(iii)provides credit facilities: they allow retailers to buy on credit and pay for the goods later and this allow the retailers to run their business with a small capital
(iv)provision of vriety of goods: the whosaler provides the retailers to stock variety of godds which they purchase from different manufactures.
(v)risk bearing: the wholesaler bears the riskof fall in prices on behalf of the retailers by buying and storing of products in large quantity
(i) Large retail establishment
(ii) Wide varieties of goods
(iii) Centralized management
(iv) Central location
(i) They ensure consistency of their product
(ii) They buy in bulk ans sell in cheaper prices
(iii) It is scattered all over the country,
therefore customers can easily locate them
(iv) Problem of bad debt cannot be experience
because of the system of cash and carry that
is usually applicable to multiple stores.

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£24Million Worth Of Cars Destroyed During the Production of James Bond New Movie ‘SPECTRE’

Spectrewill be the twenty-fourthJames Bondfilm produced by Eon Productions. It will feature Daniel Craig in his fourth performance as James Bond, and Christoph Waltz as Franz Oberhauser, the film’s antagonist. It was directed by Sam Mendes as his secondJames Bondfilm followingSkyfall, and was written by John Logan, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Jez Butterworth. The story features James Bond’s first encounter with the global criminal agency known as SPECTRE, marking the organisation’s first appearance in an Eon Productions film since 1971’sDiamonds Are Forever.
£24 million was written off in smashed-up supercars alone, including seven customised Aston Martin DB10s with special ejector seats.
More than 10% of the $200 million budget for the new James Bond movie Spectre was apparently spent on wrecked supercars, according to a new report
The Mail on Sunday published a report at the weekend that suggested that £24 million of sports cars, including seven specially designed Aston Martin DB10s and a Jaguar C-X75, with customised ejector seats a la Goldfinger, were destroyed during the filming of chase sequences for the brand new movie, out next month.
“We set the record for smashing up cars on Spectre,” admitted Gary Powell, Spectre’s chief stunt coordinator. “In Rome, we wrecked millions of pounds’ worth. They were going into the Vatican at top speeds of 110mph. We shot one entire night for four seconds of film.”
We already knew that the Italian capital was going to be one of the key scenes for special effects in Spectre, with reports emerging last year that the producers’ presence in the city had caused Rome’s elected officials to clean up the streets in preparation.
However, the new report gives us something of a clue as to where exactly they would be filming, and the chase is said to taken place in the Vatican, near the Colosseum and along the River Tiber, with the iconic Ponte Sisto bridge featuring in the trailers that have already been released.
Producers apparently had to weigh up the risk of one of the cars skidding out of control and crashing into the Vatican itself, which would apparently have been “catastrophic”, according to Powell. You don’t say…
Another eye-popping scene will allegedly see Bond piloting a full-size aeroplane, crashing it into a barn in the Alps and destroying a villain’s Land Rover in the process, as well as conducting a fight sequence dangling from the bottom of a helicopter.
Daniel Craig will be reprising his role as Bond once more (and, according to some, for the final time). Spectre is released on October 26th in the UK.

In-Laws Force New Bride To Drink Acid Cause Of Insufficient Dowry.

It’s newly reported that a Pakistani woman who recently got married has passed away after her in-laws forced her to drink acid, for bringing what they considered to be an insufficient dowry.
The woman, married for three weeks, died from acid consumption at the Daska Civil Hospital on Monday. The City Daska police reveals that the 25 year old Takreem Bibi, of neighbourhood Mughalpura, was brought to the hospital by her neighbours as her in-laws had forced her to swallow acid. Doctors said she died of internal injuries caused by the consumption of acid.
Takreem was married to Imran Mughal about three weeks ago. Police said the woman was frequently beaten up by her in-laws for not arranging a good range of dowry. They also disclosed that her in-laws fled the house.
This happens to be the second incident in five days in Daska where a woman is killed over the dowry issue.