Meet Woman That Breaks World Record by Sleeping With 919 Men

The American Matured movie actress and director Lisa sparks popularly called Lisa Sparxxx (born October 6, 1977) who is 37years oldcompeted against two other women one of which was the former world record holder who literally made love with 759 men in a day.
The very nature of their work requires them to make love to many different people. But one person took this to the extreme, and in the process created a new world record. That person is matured movie actress Lisa Sparxxx who made love to 919 men in only one day.
She achieved this record by making love with 919 men over a period of 12 hours.
That would mean she spent only 45 seconds making love with each man, which is about 13.5 seconds longer than is often necessary. On the day Lisa Sparks won the competition by only 21 men.