Julius Agwu Slams Fan Who Commented Negatively About His Legs. (Photo)

Lol, you know what, if i were to be a celebrity, and fans, without any form of respect for me or my career are always blasting me most of the time when I share photos on my IG page… I’d locate their address, use soldiers to collect their phones and the rest of their family’s and smash the phones and give them this Nokia E Series, at least, they can take photos with them… but not share them on IG *tongue out*. I’m kidding oh… I’d be as silent as 03:00am and let them do their thing… Who gives a hoot? Pfft.
Enough about me though, I see you’re enjoying getting to know me better eh? Lol. Top Nigerian comedian, Julius Agwu, earlier in the day, posted the photo above of himself in a robe and one of his followers dropped a comment