Mercy Aigbe Share Photo of Man Who Stole Her Gadgets

Nollywood Actress,Mercy Aigbe-Gentrytoday took to her instagram to shared the photo of a man who stole her Iphone 6 and Blackberry Passport valued at N350,000.
Mercy wrote:
This guy is wanted by the law enforcement agency. He stole some huge amount of money at Victoria’s Beauty Store on 28th of September,i mean d whole sales cash for that day which happens to be Monday,and recently about 4 days ago, went to Mag Divas boutique,used d same technique pretending to be an electrician …..Mercy Aigbe CEO Mag Divas who was unaware of his bad intentions left her office to attend to something important and b4 one could say j..k this devil entered her personal office stole her Six Plus Phone, and BlackBerry Passport Phone! This post consists his picture inside Victoria’s Beauty cashier desk,where he took the money,we got this pic tru our CCTV.
Pls,if you have any information about this guy,pls contact via 08025547728.
Kindly repost / Broadcast to warn others,especially store owners around Omole,Ojodu,berger nd Ogba environs! …..God bless u as u do!”

“I didn’t know I had a son till he was 2 years old” – Wande Coal

In another Episode of MTV-Base Real Talk where Wande Coalwas a guest, The Black Diamond talked about his son.
When asked how he kept his 6-year old son a secret from his fans and media he said:
“Well, I didn’t know I had a kid till he was 2 years old. When they brought him to me, he already looked like me. So when I found out, I knew I had to do something about it and then I took him to my mum and she’s been taking care of him”
Wande Coal’s son celebrated his 6th birthday on Saturday, June 20, 2015.

Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His New $3.5m 2015 Bugatti Veyron.

So few minutes ago, before I stumbled on this image of the undefeated champion, I saw a video posted on Facebook by Arron The Don of the super star and how he spends his money. The end of the video was hilarious though. Wanna see it? Search the hash tag #LAVISH5050WORLDWIDE on Facebook!
The retired undefeated world boxing Champion, Floyd Mayweatherrecently acquired a $3,490 million Bugatti Veyron.
A cruiser which is said to be one of the most expensive rides in the universe. $3.5m is an estimated whooping 600million naira.
My days mehn! My days!

Phyno Shows Off Bald Look In New Photo

Indigenous Rapper – Phynoon Monday Decided to show off an edited photo of himself photoshopped and created by a fan. He loved the look.
The photo shows a bald Phynolooking all clean and shaven. The photo was designed by Johnson, a professional photo editor.
We do really hope to see Phynoon this kinda look someday.

MUST READ:According To Science, Here Are 4 Reasons Why We Should Always Sleep Naked see here»

Here Are 4 Reasons Why We Should Always Sleep Naked– This will come as unwelcome news for the pajama industry: The best suit to sleep in, scientifically speaking, is the one you were born in. Still, only about eight percent of Americans routinely sleep in the buff..
If you’re accustomed to donning the plaid flannels or buttoning that granny nightgown up to the neck, listen up: Gettin’ nekkid between the sheets is healthier.
Here’s why:
No 2
You’ll sleep better.
When you doze off, your body temperature dips and climbs before you wake up. Clothing can interfere with this natural fluctuation, says Men’s Health sleep advisor W. Christopher Winter, M.D. The extra layers at night can keep you warmed up when your temperature is meant to drop. And a cooler body equals better sleep.
If you’re tossing and turning, waking up a hot mess at 3 a.m.? It’s probably not from a nightmare that Donald Trump is your new president.
Naked sleepers are able to maintain a comfortable core temperature. Plus, if your body doesn’t cool down enough at night, you’ll be unable to reach the deeper, most restorative stages of sleep. Interestingly, during REM sleep our bodies don’t sweat or shiver — so shedding the jammies probably won’t have you scooching under the blankets. Just sleeping more soundly.
No 3
You’ll have more sex.
Without clothing barriers, bodies that go bump in the night are more likely to seal the deal. That’s just common sense.
But even if there’s no happy ending (or you’re not trying for a baby bump), naked cuddling is good for you and your relationship. Skin-on-skin contact triggers the release of oxytocin, the “feel good hormone.”
Oxytocin is known to relieve stress, alleviate depression, foster intimacy and even lower blood pressure. And both Big O’s work almost as well as a sleeping pill.
No 4
You’ll air out your hoo-ha.
If you’ve got one of those, that is. (Men we’ll get to you in a moment.) Many women feel sleeping naked is unsanitary, but the reverse is actually true. Bacteria that can potentially cause vaginal infections thrive in a warm, moist environment. Better idea: Ventilate around the lady bits to discourage bacteria from flourishing.
As for you, guys — Brian Steixner, M.D., a urologist, tells Men’s Health that guys who sleep in their underwear “increase the odds that you’ll get an infection in the worst possible place.” Same as for women, drawers keep heat and moisture in, so bacteria can thrive, causing irritation and infection.
“Skip the skivvies to keep your balls clean, dry, and healthy,” he says. Plus, cooler temps are better for sperm production.
No 5
You’ll look better.
When you’re at a nice, cool sleeping temperature, in a deep, restorative stage of sleep, your body releases the anti-aging hormones, melatonin and growth hormone (HGH), which boost cell regeneration, and keep skin and hair looking healthy and young.
When you’re sleeping coolly and well, your body keeps the stress hormone, cortisol, in check. That’s a good thing: High cortisol levels may not only trigger an increase in insulin, it can decrease fat-burning and appetite-controlling hormones.
So, who knows? Maybe sleeping naked will help you stay slimmer.