Get Updated: Latest Mtn Cheap Calls And Data Offer

Now it is time to flex with another MTN cheap data/calls offer, you can now get 500MB for N500, 1GB for N1000 and 2GB for N1,500. This doesn’t involve third part data reseller, You are to load the MTN recharge card directly to your MTN SIM, then dial simple code and your MB/GB will be activated instantly.
Simply use the below codes to subscribe;
Data Offer
»Dial *567*3*1*2*1# for 2GB at N1500/month
»Dial *567*3*2*2*1# for 1GB at N1000/month
»Dial *567*3*3*2*1# for 500MB at N500/month
To Check Your Data Balance
»Dial *567*3*1*2*3# for 2GB
»Dial *567*3*2*2*3# for 1GB
»Dial *567*3*3*2*3# for 500MB
MTN to MTN Calls Offer
»Dial *567*3*4# for MTN calls for N250/
»Dial *567*3*5# for MTN calls for N200/week
»Dial *567*3*6# for MTN calls for N100/week
»Dial *567*3*7# for MTN calls for N75/week
»Dial *567*3*8# for MTN calls for N50/week
Note that the MTN to MTN calls offer is for selected MTN SIMs, not work for all MTN SIM.

Very Hot: MTN Unlimited Browsing/Download

Its no more news that most of you Are Seriously in Need of Free Browsing tweak. But Disappointed that there is Scarcity of tweak. The god news now is taht we can still Flex this Mtn Unlimited one week browsing Via Simple Server.
Send a text messageENTERto7801and after that you will receive a reply in this format :
We are pleased to you! As an exclusive member, you have a fun week ahead: browse for 7 days and download 10 games! (Valid for 1 week).
After receiving this message just go straight
to your Access point and create new Access point
Apn –
IP –
Port – 8080
then open your simple server and configure it with the below settings :
Listen port : 8080
Proxy host :
proxy port : 8080
Injection method : GET
Injection query/Url :
Injection host :
Injection line : Enter Key ‘4 times’
After setting it, Connect and Power all Apps with #Auto proxy or #Proxy Droid.
brows and start flexing/surfing the net with the Mtn Unlimited Free Browsing for one week.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hold Your ATM Card In Your Hand While On Queue see here»

We must really be living in a jet-age because if you might wanna know, even with you just standing on the ATM users queue waiting for your turn (with your ATM card in your hand, someone behind you might just be paying for some bills with your hard earned cash.
So don’t be surprised if it gets to your turn and you can’t find any cash in your account again.
Yea…that’s how technology has evolved.
So might wanna see my top 3 reasons why you should neither give someone you card to withdraw for you nor hold your ATM card in your hand while on the queue.
NOTE: there are many but I just culled my top 3, may differ from yours.
1. Online Shopping:Without your ATM card PIN, one can still pay for goods online with your card, all that’s needed is your card’s:
»Serial number (the 15 or 16 digits in front if your card)
»Expiry date (just below the serial no.)
»Security digit (can be found at the back of your card, usually 3 digits )
2. Clone Cards:Payoneer master card owners always fall victim to clone cards. If anybody get hold of your card, they can easily get all the details of the card and clone it exactly. The cloned cards can then be used to withdraw your money from any part of the world.
Payonneer might just not be the only victims but they are very common.
3. Payment of Bills From Scam Jobs or Websites:If you give your card to somebody that is knowledgeable about Internet stuff, he can easily use your card details to sign up on websites like domain registrar, website hosting or some tutorial website that involves subscription. These websites will keep on sucking the hell out of your money monthly without your knowledge.
To avoid falling victim of any of these 3 and other dangers, don’t give somebody else your ATM card for anything and keep your card in you purse or wallet while on the ATM queue.

Meet the couple who don’t use phones,electricity ,morden transport,or internet see here »

For the last five years, a Seattle-based couple who married in 2002 have dressed, traveled, cooked, eaten, and entertained themselves as if they lived in the 19th century.
Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman do not use cell phones, internet, modern transport and sneakers .They bough an1888-built house.Sarah wears a corset all day, every day. Gabriel, a library and information science academic, wears authentic gold-rimmed 19th century gla$$es.
Their home, built in 1888, is equipped with oil-powered lamps, and doesn’t have an electric fridge or oven. Clothes are washed in a bucket of room-temperature water.
For entertainment, Sarah reads 1890s editions of Cosmopolitan, or the couple go for a cycle ride on their pennyfarthings.
They both see the pursuit as academic research – far more intense than any sociological study they have encountered on the subject. But it is also a lifestyle.
Writing for Vox, Sarah reveals some of the more aggressive reactions leveled at them:
‘We live in a world that can be terribly hostile to difference of any sort. Societies are rife with bullies who attack nonconformists of any stripe (…) We have been called “freaks,” “bizarre,” and an endless slew of far worse insults.
‘We’ve received hate mail telling us to get out of town and repeating the word “kill … kill … kill.” Every time I leave home I have to constantly be on guard against people who try to paw at and grope me.
‘Dealing with all these things and not being ground down by them, not letting other people’s hostile ignorance rob us of the joy we find in this life — that is the hard part. By comparison, wearing a Victorian corset is the easiest thing in the world.’
Culled from Mailonline

“Thank you for letting me come into your life” – Basketmouth To Beautiful Wife On 5th Wedding Anniversary

Arguably Africa’s Best Comedian,Basketmouthcelebrated himself and his lovely wife as they mark their 5th Wedding Anniversary today.
The comedian who just concluded his Lord of The Ribs show took to his Instagram Page to shower encomium on the mother of his two children.
He wrote on Instagram:
2003 was the year I met her.
2010 was the year we got married.
2015 is the year we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.
@elsieokpocha thank you for letting me come into your life,for giving me a beautiful family,for blessing me with your love,affection and care. Happy wedding anniversary in advance. I love you.
Bright Okpocha a.k.a. Basketmouth got married to his wife on November 6, 2010. He met her in UNILAG. According to Basketmouth, it took a couple of tries to get her to listen to him.
Their union is blessed with two children.