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Most of us have similar driving forces – deep desires that possess us to get up and live each day. These forces are the drive to be happy, successful, and loved. The more we satisfy these needs, the more fulfilling and joyful our daily lives will be.
Some of us also want to contribute, connect, and make an impact. These needs propel people to live out their life purpose, which gives them the opportunity to experience a truly exceptional life.
To be proficient at accomplishing theseaspirationsyou need to have the right mindset. A way of thinking that promotes happiness,success,love, connectedness, contribution, and a lastingimpression. Here are 18 things to tell yourself each day to influence youractions, so you can realize your ambitions and create the reality of your dreams.
1. I am surrounded by people who love and care for me.
When a person feels loved and supported, it frees them to be themselves and gives them the courage to explore and take chances.
2. I attract love through my own loving thoughts and actions.
Live in a love frequency by being a conduit of love. Everything you do — from work to play — can be inspired by the love held within you.
3. I am lovable.
You must believe that you are already that which you seek. You are love personified. Awaken to this truth.
4. I am everything I want to be. I am proud of how I conduct myself.
Claim success to be yours now by simply defining ‘success’ as you acting in accordance to your beliefs.
5. I am quick to fix my mistakes and own up to my responsibilities.
Don’t let mistakes define you. Instead fix them and show the world that you are a problem solver.
6. I achieve my goals with ease and see challenges as opportunities for growth.
Half the battle is won when you go into life knowing you’re going to figure it out.
7. I am the architect of my reality and I’ve decided to build myself a good life.
The greatest thing a person can do to increase their chance of being successful at anything is to know that it is through their own actions that they will bring forth success. You are the protagonist of your life movie. Be the person who saves the day.
8. I am free to do anything I want.
Sometimes our thoughts are our main limitation. Nullify that with better thoughts and get to frying bigger fish.
9. I am in charge of my feelings. I choose to react with compa$$ion at all times.
A bad day can be turned around with a change in perspective, a little laughter, and some sugar.
10. I am healthier and feel more alive each day.
How you treat yourself is directly related to how you see yourself. See yourself as a healthy person then follow up by living a healthy lifestyle. Treat yourself to nutritious foods, physical fitness, and mindful wellness. Even if you’re not exactly where you want to be, begin by adjusting your belief system and you will be on your way.
11. I smile easily and love to laugh every chance I get.
A smile can decrease stress, a good laugh can lighten your mental load, and together they can turn your day around.
12. I live in joyous expectancy.
Expect to see good things happening to you. You deserve it.
13. I know all things are connected and wish my actions to only have good consequences for everyone.
When you value the people and environment around you, you feel a sense of belonging. This bonded feeling nourishes the inner peace that we all long for.
14. I treat others like I treat myself – with kindness and respect.
Compa$$ion is at the heart of anyone who is happy with themselves.
15. I cherish my relationships.
An old Turkish proverb says, “Shared joy is double the joy. Shared sorrow is half the sorrow.” Without relationships life would get lonely and arduous. Don’t forget to enjoy the people around you.
16. I give back because it is my nature.
One of the greatest attributes of being human is our ability to show empathy. Our hearts feel strongly and when moved, we can create miracles.
17. I share because there is enough for everyone.
Don’t get caught up in competition, instead get connected and revel in collaboration. Lift each other up.
18. I live in a constant state of abundance.
Think about it — you can have all the money in the world, but if your mind is in a state of lack, depression, or any type of suffering, you don’t have much.
Your positive mindset is your true wealth and you can increase your riches easily by repeating and believing these 18 thoughts daily.
By Jeanne Floresca

LMAO!!! What kind of prayer is this? See here »»»

It looks like this husband and wife were told to pray on their “special places” on their wedding day so that the things will perform well and won’t be distributed outside marriage.

MTN Begs: This N1.4trillion Fine Is Too Heavy For Us

Three days after Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, slammed a N1.4 trillion penalty on MTN for failure to disconnect customers with unregistered SIM cards, MTN group has cried out that the fine was too extreme, even as it continues to engage the regulator on how to resolve the issue.
MTN Group claimed that NCC refused to listen to its plea to reconsider its stand on the penalty slammed on its Nigerian arm last week.
According to a report, MTN Nigeria spokeswoman, Chineze Gbenga-Oluwatoye, had said:
“recommendations were put forward with respect to the non-commensurable nature of the fine but the NCC did not accept recommendations that the fine of 200,000 Naira ($1,005) per SIM was too heavy.”“MTN Nigeria contacted the regulator with concerns that a demand to disconnect SIM cards by a certain deadline would cause “severe disruption” for customers and recommended a staggered process to limit the possible impact,” said Oluwatoye.
As a result of the huge fine, MTN shares plummeted about 20% this week in Johannesburg. The biggest four-day drop since 2008, valuing the company at about 284 billion rand ($21 billion).
The NCC is seeking the penalties because MTN missed a deadline to disconnect 5.1 million subscribers and as a result MTN is now reviewing its management in the country.
Meanwhile, Financial analysts have pointedly said that Nigeria government is at risk of scaring off investors it can’t afford to lose if the N1.4 trillion fine slammed on MTN holds through.

BVN Deadline: 26m bank accounts to be frozen Today?

With less than 1 day to the deadline for Bank Verification Number, BVN, about 26 million account holders still haven’t registered to protect their money.
The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has said no extension would be granted after the deadline expires and customers who still haven’t registered will have no access to their money or any transaction in their account.
According to CBN, the registration window will still be open after tomorrow, but unregistered customers will not be granted access to their accounts.
According to Vanguard, a CBN Official, who claimed that the exact figures of registered bank customers would not be ready until next week said that “less than half of total bank customers have been captured as at Monday this week.
He said:
“Field reports show that there has been increased surge in the number of registrations per day since last week, but it is clear that we may not exceed 50 percent by the deadline.”
Managing Director, Ecobank Nigeria Plc, Jibril Aku said:
“There will be no extension of the October 31 deadline. All efforts have been made by the committee, CBN and Nigeria Interbank Settlement System for bank customers to obtain their BVN.
“The customers, who fail to meet the deadline will not be able to operate their accounts until they comply.”

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In Life Work For ACAUSE Not For APPLAUSE.
And Don’t Strive To Make your PRESENCE Notice,Just Make Your ABSENCE Felt.

China Stops One Child Policy | To Allow Two Children Per Couple.

The Highly populated Republic of China, the country said to have quarter of the world’s population, has reportedly put an end to its one-child policy and will allow couples in the country to have two children.
This is driven by fears that an aging population could jeopardize the country’s economic ascent and put too much pressure on the aged.
The Communist Party leadership ended its decades-old “one child” policy on Thursday, announcing that all married couples would be allowed to have two children.
The one -child policy was imposed by Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese leader in late 1979 and couples who break the family planning laws face losing their jobs and being fined. In some cases, mothers have been forced to abort their babies or be sterilized.
According to theNational Health and Family Planning Commission,which enforces the policy,
Abolishing the one-child policy would“increase labor supply and ease pressures from an aging population,”“This will benefit sustained and healthy economic development,”the commission said.