Amazing Weight Loss Technique Through Which You Lose 100 Calories In Just 4 Minutes

Many of us want to lose weight but do not find sufficient time to exercise. There are exercises available that will help you shed weight easily. Jim Sarete is a well-known American wellness mentor and he built up his technique for quick weight reduction for the individuals who generally don’t have time for exercising. The usual activities are incapable for this mentor. For instance, when we are running we only lose 150 calories every hour.However, his activities permit blazing 100 calories in only 4 minutes, with following his directions. Ideally these exercises are done in 4 minutes but depend on the person’s fitness level. These simple exercises need to be done regularly and will help you get rid of excess calories. This plan of exercises for people who lead inactive lifestyles and that they get tired in the gym just a few minutes after the start of training. This activity program that can help you lose 100 calories in only a couple of minutes contains the following:
Jumping with hands outstretched
Jumping and jogging are exercises that shed extra calories when compared to walking. This exercise and be done anytime and anywhere. This pumps the heart rate and increases the blood circulation. Do this 10 times in a day.
Squats are sit ups which helps in toning your things and butt. Squats are very effective in losing weight. Do these exercises 10 times every day. You can begin with 10 times and slowly when your body gets used to it, you can increase the number of counts. Squats also help to tone your buts and thighs. When you increase the number of counts, do it every alternate day.
Push-ups are an exercise that helps strengthening the upper body. This popular exercise not only builds muscles but also helps in framing your upper body. The entire body weight is taken care of by the arms. This is also effective if you are looking for bust booster exercise. Repeat them 10 times. If you cannot do them on the floor do them against the wall.
This is another exercise that works really well for thighs and stomach fat. Do normal jumps for 20 seconds and make it intense after a while. Do this for 20 counts and increase as your body gets used to it.
Single legs lift jump exercise
This is the most effective workout and helps you lose more calories by just walking. It works on core muscles and back of the thigh. Stand straight and lift the left leg of the ground. Try to touch the ground as you jump. Make sure you keep the leg up all the while. Do this for 30 seconds and then shake it off and repeat with the other leg. Do this for 10 times.
Lean down
Lean down for 4 minutes with your body weight falling on the arms. Your feet should be pointed downwards and facing the floor. Make sure to keep the body straight and arms stretched. This is heart pumping workouts which will exercise the entire body focusing on shedding extra weight.
In this exercise, step forward with your left foot and crouch on the right. Repeat the same exercise in opposite direction to complete a set. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg.