Blogger’s Opinion: Could Sports Actually Move Forward In Nigeria?

Good Friday evening to y’all, my most prestige readers. I’ll be truthful to y’all a little about myself, I’m not one with sports like every other man in the country (especially football) but I do know one thing for sure, that is: We are way back and less progressive on sports in Nigeria.
There I was chilling with my siblings around 06:00pm and we were conversing on some certain things, like normal siblings do, and all of a sudden, my younger sister, who loves facts and findings, said: “On earth, Nigerians are mostly the ones helping other countries progress in a way or the other”.
This made us issue out certain areas where Nigerians are carving a niche for themselves but not actually as Nigerians, we spoke about Movies, Music, Fashion, but we spoke more on sports… I don’t know why, but we actually did.
My elder sister, a very stark arguer began that why we are less progressive in this country on sports is because we lack reasoning of young and vibrant minds and that our way of doing things make it even worse.
We all know of the current hullabaloo going on with the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF; how highly ranked personnel are leaving the team and all… It got us wondering… why don’t sports in Nigeria go on hold for a few years? Huh?
Definitely, that would make sports agents come back to their senses and try and figure out a way of having an Epic comeback when they are restored after those years; I mean, to make their money and all, they’ll definitely not want to be banned, they’ll in fact work harder, so as to impress the country.
Like I said, we spoke at length, my siblings and I. We pondered, why can’t all these Nigerian Football clubs not be one with others in the world? I speak of the UEFA Champions League and all (I told you earlier that I don’t really know much about sports). Nigerian Football Clubs like, Enyimba Fc, Kano Pillars and the likes; why can’t they be internationally recognized?
Behold, there came my sister’s suggestion, which I found quite interesting and I made sure I was gonna share it with y’all… She said, what about blending sports with entertainment? Let me help you understand how she explained it to us.
I’m gonna be using the phrases “What If and Imagine” quite a lot here though… cause that’s what the conversation was based on, our opinions, “What If and Imagine”.
She said, What If the Government give a strong ultimatum to our celebrities in helping promoting Nigerian sports? How? You may ask… She said, “What If, President Buhari orders, for instance, D’Banj to support one of these teams and publicize them in any way possible that he can, Social media and all?
Imagine the multitude of fans D’Banj has, imagine that D’Banj is supporting Kano Pillars, imagine that he makes appearances at their football matches? Imagine him publicizing them on Twitter and making mouth that“My Kano Pillars boys were hot tonight, I so enjoyed the game”.
Tell me my dear readers, won’t his fans be curious to know what he actually sees in this Kano Pillar club? They’d be like, “let me even see their game sef… when he tweets that he’s gonna be at a game, won’t a lot of people be like “Let me use this opportunity to see D’Banj?” This is a way, my sister suggested, in helping creating attention and driving Nigerians to support Nigerian sports. I’d give you more details later in this article.
To spice it up, she said, it’s definitely not gonna be only D’Banj, President Buhari would ask to support a club; let’s have Davido supporting Enyimba FC, Olamide supporting Warri Wolves, Wizkid in support of Bayelsa United and then they do what I stated two paragraphs ago. C’mon! That’s something huge.
Now let’s continue to imagine… Imagine Olamide and Wizkid having tweet fights about a game between Bayelsa United and Warri Wolves? At least, we know our celebrities know how to drive traffic when it comes to tweet fights and all, we know the retweets they’d get, we know bloggers will be there to help boost it too.
This isn’t possible, you say? This sounds stupid you say? But it’s possible that they can argue about the match of PSG and Real Madrid over the week, can’t they? C’mon… be a little patriotic here and help your motherland!
I stopped my sister there, while she was giving these suggestions and I was like, don’t you think that these musicians would be busy with their own music stuffs and all? And she all of a sudden, roared and said ” why do we then have a government, why should we have a government who cannot impose certain rules on their citizens even if they’re celebrities? Tell em they’ll ban their music if they don’t do as they ask (she was being sarcastic though)” but there will definitely be something the government could do to make em succumb to their requests, besides… it what’s best for the country in the area of sports.
I let her continue; the vibe still in her, she gave an insight that, won’t companies and organizations be alarmed by this and not want to have a fair share of the progress? She said, organisations likeGTBank, MTN, Jumiaand the likes would wanna publicize their goods, won’t they? This would cause the players to have colourful and captivating jerseys not like the ones that these bike riders (okada man) wear as uniforms and at the same time would even help the financial situation of the clubs… cause for sure, they have sponsors.
What If, what if we have a minimum of 6 standard stadiums that doesn’t look like the ones in the streets where these children play monkey posts and all.. it’s somewhere to start from.
What if, it isn’t so hard for someone to join the National team? what if you don’t need to know someone that knows someone that knows someone before you can be a member of the team, what if these sports agencies go to different areas across the country and find talents? They are every where! In every home, every street, every village, every town, every city, every state… What if they just gather these talents together and pick out the best out of the best? Wouldn’t that help in the progress of Nigerian sports?
What also came to mind, is the fact the country needs most importantly, young minds, who have insightful ideas and opinions, just like I’m kinda doing in this article. She furiously stated that why would the Minister for Youth Affairs be a sexagenarian (I don’t know if it’s true though) Then why is it called Youth Affairs? Lol… Let’s leave that part though… we just might talk about it another day.
But for real, if there were more young people in the sports arena of the country, there would be much more innovation and creativity and most importantly, energy to help in making progress.
There we were, conversing on a lotta things to help push Nigerian sports forward when thankfully, IKEDC, decided to end our conversation and supply power… I promptly remembered that I had readers to feed news to and I thought to myself too, that why should I let such conversation slide away? So here am I telling you how my Friday evening went and I definitely want y’all too, to speak on this.
Let us all have one voice, Achebe said:“Divided we fall, united we stand”, we shouldn’t just keep sugar coating ideas and not add action to it.
This leads me to the question I asked in my topic “Could Sports actually move forward in Nigeria?” For me, I’d say yes! I think it can… we just need ideas.
I’d love it if y’all share your thoughts on this, I promise that I’d respond to whatever opinion you have in the comment section below. For someone who doesn’t know a lot about sports, I can tell that I’ve spoken at 75% of most of y’all minds… How about you complete the remaining 25% by airing your opinions via the comment section below.
Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean! We could start from somewhere and before we know it… we are the leading country on sports in the world! Have a blissful weekend y’all.
Michael B for
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