‘Denrele Edun is not Gay’ – Celebrity Psychiatrist, Maymunah Kadiri Declares


A celebrity Psychiatrist, Maymunah Kadiri, has disclosed that eccentric media personality, Denrele Edun is neither gay nor suffering from a mental condition.
The celeb shrink made the revelation after her personal encounter with Denrele on the set of upcoming campaign movie, ‘Peppersoup’ where Denrele fell on his face.
Taking to her Facebook, Maymunah penned a long piece titled ‘The Denrele Edun you must meet and know,’ while also recounting her experience with Denrele and why he was their choice as lead act for the campaign.
Read the full post:

As a Physician in private practice, it was pertinent and very necessary I had to acquire business management skills.
With this in mind, I became a google rat and this got me to Enterprise Development Center of Pan Atlantic University.

Almost throughout my school days, a particular young man named Denrele Edun became my unofficial client/patient. Over 90% of the students including some facilitators believed he was a ‪#‎sick, ‪#‎crazy, ‪#‎psycho ‪#‎mad man. He was constantly used as a case study to explain the business in the entertainment industry.

Thinking this was the end, I proceeded to China European International Business School and it was the same story. At this juncture, I stopped explaining to people to stop the labelling and stigma because all fell on deaf ears.
Fast forward, our organization decided to campaign and increase the awareness on mental health by creating documentaries to depict this Societal menace.

Our first script came through and was named ‪‎Peppersoup. The producer and I decided to look for the right person who will really showcase this character and ….Denrele Edun came to mind. I’m sure you are also thinking what I’m thinking….Denrele is already a mad man na…so, why him.

We prayed that he will accept the role and make himself available for the shooting. Lo and behold, Grace Edwin Oboba, our beautiful producer sent him the script and then…..the BIG NEWS!!!

Denrele did not only accept the script, but fell in love with it…for the following reasons below….

Denrele doesn’t smoke cigarette or other psychoactive substances.
He also doesn’t drink alcohol.
But he loves to drink #peppersoup

With these 3 factors, a goal we set to achieve in the first quarter of the year came through within the first 2 weeks of the year…but of course with some financial stress.

With all the excitement, shooting started immediately…..with him were some ‪‎Nollywood stars such as Beverly Osu, Lisa Henry Omorodion, Lilian Afegbai, Layole Oyatogun, Tayo Phillips among other lovely actors.
Gbam….the unexpected happened… Denrele got injured when trying to act his role to the satisfaction of our viewers.
He fell when he wasn’t on any stage or wearing his controversial shoes. It was just an innocent fall that could happen to anyone on set. Thank God the shooting was within a hospital setting, so he was given the necessary medical attention. The amazing part was that he continued the shoot ever when everyone wanted the production to end for the day….what a brave young man and we appreciated him greatly.

So, contrarily to people’s view on the injury Denrele had on set from some stupid act, please know that he was diligent and very professional on set.
Do you want to know what a Shrink/Psychiatrist thinks about Denrele at this point…..wait no longer, here are the answers…
Denrele is a handsome young man who is very intelligent and passionate about his career. All you see is his prolific way of standing out of the crowd because he is destined to be ‪‎unique. Socially, he neither drinks alcohol nor smoke any psychoactive substances. …….and also he is NOT Gay. So ‪‎keep calm and stop drinking phensic for his headache.

Remember, what Martin Luther King Jr said in his great speech of 1963. He said and I quote “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character”. Don’t be too quick to judge him or any other person. Stop the cyber bullying, labelling and stigmatization.
Denrele has officially being seen by a Shrink/Psychiatrist and given a good mental state of health.
Do come for your assessment let’s find out who is really psycho, wacko, crazy, mad etc….if we must use these stigmatizing words!!!
For now worry about the fact that he ‪‎loves peppersoup and find out WHY!!!


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