The JAMB UTME Exam will hold on Saturday 12-April-2013, We believe you all are fully Prepared. We Wish You all Success.

We believe our Users taking JAMB will definitely Pass this Exam in Flying colors.  Here is our Few tips for you all:-

1. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF:– Be well rested and well nourished in preparation for ur exams.. Remember its almost impossible to successfully take an exam when you are not well.

2. PLAN YOUR WORK:- Know when to read some.. some people concentrate best at night and others during the day.. stick to what work best for you.

3. STUDY THE SYLLABUS:- To understand alot about the topic you are expected to cover..

4. BE CLEAR ENOUGH:- Be clear about your Venue for your exams, materials to bring and not to bring.

5. PAST QUESTION:- Just like we’ve adviced in our former Post, Get hold of past question. JAMB Past Question help alot, Create time to Study them.

6. DONT DESPAIR:- Even if you under prepare,you can still do alot within a short time..

7. CLOCK-WATCH:- Know the alloted time to each paper and be aware of what you can do within the alloted time.

8.be positive and stay calm

9.Remember to pray to your God..

We wish you all Success!!!! We wish you Guys 260+ Amen



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