HILLARIOUS: 5 Things You Only Remember Doing If You Were Raised In Nigeria

A little nostalgia has never killed anyone.

When we were younger, there were some funny things we did and now that I think about it, we had some crazy funny reasons for doing them. We somehow believed that these things helped us one way or the other.

1. Writing your name in your pen so that it doesn’t get stolen

It eventually got stolen most times but well, we kept writing.


2. Throwing your teeth on top of the roof for a lizard to pick

Because if you don’t throw your teeth, no teeth from father Lizard.


3. Waving at doves for white fingers

Leke leke, give me white finger.


4. Removing strands of your eyelashes and putting them at the door for your punishable offense to be forgotten

Until you hear your name and the next thing is a slap in your face


5. Reshape the bottle cap, put it inside the bottle and shake it

Because somehow we were convinced that the drink increased when we did that.



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