Lagos State Government Begins Integrity Tests on Lekki Gardens Buildings see here>>>>>


Less than two weeks after a building under construction by Lekki Gardens collapsed, killing no fewer than 35 people, Lagos State Govt says stability tests on buildings constructed by the building company to ascertain their structural integrity have commenced.

According to the acting General Manager of the Lagos State Materials Testing Laboratory, Rasheed Balogun, the test is to ascertain the ‘liveability status’ of all buildings constructed by Lekki Gardens.

He said the tests would be non-destructive test and partial destructive in some cases. It would also be extended to other construction sites and estates within and around the Lekki area to confirm their status.

According to Mr Balogun, the tests will be conducted on some buildings without sending away the occupants in the Lekki Gardens Estate in order not to cause them discomfort. However, he said vacating the structures was the best option and would speed up the testing process.

He urged the occupiers of structures within the Lekki Gardens Estate, to comply with the vacation order of the governor, and vacate the buildings until investigations were completed.


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