15 Shocking Utterances Made by Tiwa Savage’s Husband; Tunji Balogun TeeBliz see here>>>>>

No one saw this coming, especially not in this magnitude.
Tunji Balogun a.k.a TeeBillz took to his Instagram on Thursday morning to make some shocking revelations about his marriage to Mavin singer, Tiwa Savage.
We’ve compiled 15 of those quotes that have caused a whole lot of talk across social media.
1. “Please just take care of JamJam. I sacrificed my life for you and put in work and my money to your success.”
2. “You are Tiwa Savage the super star now right. You will never have peace with that fame.”
3. “Your mother wants to turn me to what she turned your dad to? I will rather die. Ask her to confess what’s she’s done to me.”
4. ” I have been fighting this spiritual battle since I was a kid my mother and father can testify. Went from family battle to mother inlaws battle.”
5. “I have been mentally tortured by my the woman I gave everything to.
6. “You have thrown my clothes out of the house more than 5 times because of the love I have for you I still take it and because of Jamil.”
7. ” I should have done this 2 weeks ago but the joy of being around didn’t let me.”
8. “All she cares about is next single, her make up and hair, her brand and all that BS. Please tell the world – have you asked your husband in the last 3 years if he has eaten?”
9. “Thank you to Ani Idibia and Anita my neighbor that provides home cooked meal for me when I needed.”
10. “You will never have peace except my spirits forgives you. Tell your mother to confess what she mounted in the house for you to shine with my star.”
11. “Within what period of time did you Fuck jazzy and Dr Sid. And I didn’t care because the love I have for you. I looked at it that we all have a past even when at this same fucking time you were fucking with 2face.”
12. “To you Mr Ibrahim Olatunji Balogun Snr, I tried my best not to be like you but instead of focusing on being a better person I was worried about not wanting to be like you.”
13. “I ended up having kids like you by multiple women and my first marriage and only marriage dint make make it to 2 years just like the one you had with my mum. Why the Fuck did God Made you my father.
14. “I just didn’t have the strength to fight this battle any more. May God Forgive me and accept my soul in peace.”
15. ” I used my money, soul and everything I had for you and everyone knows how I hustled hard with passion for you to get to where you at today. You will never find peace with your career.”