“Drake Sounds Like Wizkid On One Dance + I Tried To Sign Wizkid On Roc Nation” – Wale Speaks. read full story here>>>>


Nigerian/US rapper, Wale has opened up on Nigerian music with his particular focus on Wizkid. A recent interview he granted Factory 78, he said he tried to get Wizkid on Roc Nation way before he became the global brand he is now.

He also said he feels Drake copied Wizkid‘s style on his first number one track, One Dance.

Wizkid is credited as a co-producer on the track so it could mean he wrote part of the lyrics. He said:

I would like to hear more of Wizkid. I would like to hear more of Wizkid on one dance. I could hear more control. It sounds like Wizkid’s song. He sounded like Wizkid on that song. The lyrics, the style everything. I mean he is a phenomenal writer but I just feel like he sounds like Wizkid on that song..

On Nigerian music, he said:

I’m proud of Davido and Wizkid and Olamide.There is alot of dope artists coming out right now. I knew it was gonna get there. I mean, Nigeria got like a whole 60 % of the swag in Africa. I always knew. I remember bringing the idea of signing Wizkid to Roc nation to the guys out there. Like early on. It was way before this time. I knew it was gon get there. I got like 7 songs on the internet with him. If I had held on to him back then, it would have been a different story.


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