MAVIN’s Di’Ja Welcomes Baby Boy!! see photos here>>>>>


Sharing her quite amazing story in the most beautiful way, MAVIN’s recording artiste, Di’Ja has disclosed to us that she’s put to bed, a bouncing baby boy!!!

Not sharing photos of the new baby but telling her story in an animated way – since 2014, how she met her hussy, Rotimi, during the summer, and after a year they got engaged and then officially wedded traditionally in 2015 and how she’s put to bed a baby boy now in 2016.

The music star really did a good job in making her private life really private all these while. We have nothing but joy for her though!

Read Her story below

My story so far…. What’s yours ?! PART 1…. #adijastory 💚💚💚💚 #happygirl 😜😚 .. Summer 2014.. The beginning

PART 2…. So Thankful to the Almighty for an amazing journey. Thank you to my family and amazing friends for your ongoing support. Thank you to my Mavin family who are forever providing me with guidance and last but not least my amazing fans for their undying love, well wishes and badASS encouragement. I could not be DI’JA without you. NOW WATCH THIS SPACE! #😜😘😘😍😋🤓 #work #work #work #work #newlove #newlife #newmusicsoon #itsgoingtobebeautifulinshaaAllah. #RAMADANKAREEM to all and barka da Shan Ruwa!



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