OMG! See What BBC Said About President Buhari’s Ear Infection Which Has Caused Mixed Reactions. see here>>>>

BBC Buhari ear

BBC Buhari ear1

In the one of the site’s segments called, “Resident Presidents”, BBC has caused a serious stir on the Internet after one of the segment’s episodes spoke on President Buhari’s ear infection.

The segment has two people conversing about the ear infection of the president few weeks ago, which caused him to travel abroad to have it checked.

In the episode titled, “Was Buhari’s trip to London ‘medical tourism’?”, the two individuals, using a blend of comical and formal presenting, recalled that Buhari had said he was going to put a end to medical tourism, but he obviously didn’t practice what he preached.

The episode had the caption:

“Kibarkingmad and Olushambles debate Nigeria’s president’s trip to London last month – reportedly to be treated for an ear infection – after he had promised to end “medical tourism”.

The full Episode here


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