See The Outfit That Team Nigeria Was To Wear Vs The Outfit They Wore To The Olympics Opening Ceremony. SEE HERE>>>>>>

Team Nigeria olympic attire

So the photo you see above was the supposed outfit Team Nigeria were to march in at the 2016 Olympics opening ceremony in Rio yesterday, but were unable to because the

outfits weren’t delivered to their location at the time.

They instead marched in tracksuits as seen in the photo below – this motion of course, has caused a stir on social media, as lots of people have gone all out to speak on the embarrassing situation from the country’s team.

Some people went as far to say had it been the team wore the outfit, it would have been a national disaster, while another said the designer of the outfit, designed it in a bid to shield them from mosquitoes.

See below:

Team Nigeria olympic attire1

Team Nigeria olympic attire2

Team Nigeria olympic attire3

Team Nigeria olympic attire4

Team Nigeria olympic attire6

Team Nigeria olympic attire5

The outfit they eventually wore to the event:

Team Nigeria olympic attire11

Team Nigeria olympic attire12

Team Nigeria olympic attire8

Below is the outfit they wore at the previous Olympic games in 2012:

Team Nigeria olympic attire7

Team Nigeria olympic attire10

Team Nigeria olympic attire9

Team Nigeria olympic attire98


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