Friday , 2nd September, 2016 Biology (Essay& Obj) 9.30am -12.0 ++ see full answers here>>>>>>

Friday , 2nd September, 2016
Biology (Essay& Obj) 9.30am -12.0



1a)Plants take in some compounds like carbon dioxide through their leaves. They absorb some other materials such as compounds of nitrogen, phosphorus, etc., from the soil through their roots.
the transport system consists of tube like passages made up of vascular tissue. There are two types of vascular tissues in plants—xylem and phloem.
The vascular aanuadey system extends from the roots through the stem and continues up to the leaves. In the leaves it is clearly seen as a pattern of veins. Water and minerals are transported from the roots upwards through the xylem tubes.

Enzymes are organic catalyst which speed up the rate of chemical reaction but remain chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction

-They are protenious in nature
-They are specific in nature
-They are usually involved in reversible reactions
-They are PH dependent
-They are temperature dependent
-They remain chemically unchanged at the end f the reaction

Pancreatic juice contains erepsin,maltase,sucrase and lactase
-Erepsin converts polypeptides to amino acids
-Maltase converts maltose to two glucose
-Sucrase converts sucrose to glucose and fructose
-Lactase converts lactose to glucose and galactose

The casts act as mould for setting the fractured bone,milk is rich in proteins ad vitamins is good for growth while sun helps to synthesize vitamin D which aids bone formation

-Provision of food
-Recycling of nutrients
-provision of oxygen
-Removal of pollution
-It serves as building block for other substance


Bacteria eg Staphlococcus aqreus
-Fungi eg Rhizopus nigricans
-Virus eg Influenza virus

-By sterilization
-Use of antibiotics
-Hygenic and sanitary practices
-Use of chemotherapy


-Bush burning
-Continous cropping

-Loss of medicinal benefits of extinct species
-Disease invasion
-Scarcity of product of extincted species

i)mimicry is a similarity of one species to another that protects one or both.
An example of this is the cuckoo bee.
ii)Camouflage is the structural adaption that enables specie s to blend with their
surroundings; allows a species to avoid
detection by predators.

i)Their legs are adapted for running
ii)They adapts the leathery forewings as
temina to provide a protective cover for the second set of wings.
iii)they evolved mandibles to bite and chew solid food.

i)It reduces the quality and quantity of the crops
ii)it reduces their productivity

i)by refrigerating
ii)by salting
iii)by drying
iv)by the use of silos

i)in medicine
ii)in crime detection

-Inadequate space
-Inadequate light
-Inadequate water
-Inadequate nutrient

It is a long term gradual series of changes occuring in structure,composition,variety and number of species in an area till a stable community is reached

-It reduces soil fertility
-It reduces soil micro organism
-It causes soil leaching
-It reduces soil aeration


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