Biology Practical Waec GCE 2016 Free Expo Answers see here>>>>>>

Biology Practical Waec GCE 2016 Free Expo Answers
Free Biology Practical expo Waec GCE 2016 Free Expo Answers
Monday, 5th September, 2016
Biology 3 (Alternative to Practical
2.00pm – 4.00pm
(i)Onion bulb
(iii)It has a swollen stem
I-Membraneous leaves
II-Outer scaly leaves
III-Thick fleshy storage leaves
IV-Auxillary buds
v)It is stored in the fleshy leaves
II-It protect the inner leaves
III-It stores food for the plant
VI-It absorbs nutrients from the soil
(iv)Hollow containig water
i-protects the seed and makes fruit to float on water
ii-makes the fruit to be bouyant in water during dispersal
*Fleshy drupe
-It is fleshy
-It consists of epicarp,mesocarp and endocarp ie thin epicarp,fibrous mesocarp
*Palm nut,mango
-It is used as food for man
-It is used as an ornament plant
It is used for making oil
-The fibrous mesocarp is used for cooking
i)For phylum:
-Presence of jointed appendages
-Presence of chitinous exoskeleton
ii)For class
-Presence of three pairs of walking legs
-Presence of segemented body parts
i)Organism D is male
ii)Presence of anal style
i)D has anal style while G does not
ii)The terminal end of G’s abdomen is modified into a boat like structure for carrying egg case
iii)D has larger antennae
i)D has wings for flight and escape production
ii)F is smaller and could hide easily in crevices
I-Foilage leaf
III-Tap root
V-Split testa
I-It is the primitive leaf which manufactures food for the seedling
II-It functions as the primitive stem for seedling
V-It protect the inner parts of the seedling before germination
IV-It absorbs nutrients from the soil
VII-It provides food for germination
VI-It grows to form the root of the seedling
Epigeal germination
-The seed requires warmth,water,viable seeds etc for germiation
-The seed absorbs moisture and become swollen
-The seed splits ,the radicle grows to form the root while the plumule form the shoot
It is carried above the soil level as a result of elongation of the epicotyl
-Viable seeds
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