Geography (OBJ And ESSAY) Waec GCE 2016 Free Expo Answers see here

Geography Waec GCE 2016 Free Expo Answers

Monday, 5th September, 2016
Geography (Essay &Objective)
9.30am – 12:30pm

2a (i) International migration is a global phenomenon that
is growing in scope, complexity and impact. Migration is both a cause and effect of broader development processes and an intrinsic feature of our ever globalizing world.
2a (ii) Seasonal Migration — The periodic movement of a population from one region or climate to another in accordance with the yearly cycle
2b (i) A source region might be an ocean, a large forest, a desert, or open grasslands. Source regions must be large and have similar, or uniform, traits throughout.
2b (ii) A destination region is a geographical area consisting of all the services and infrastructure
necessary for the stay of a specific tourist or tourism
segment. Destinations are the competitive units of
incoming tourism.:
(i) It shorten the distance between countries
(ii) It is the cheapest means of transportation between countries
(iii) It helps in transportation of bulky goods from one country to another country during international trade.
(iv) It is relatively safe for transportation for international trade.
(i) It limits diffusion of ideas and technology: Poor transportation limits the diffusion of the new ideas and technology or innovations which contributes to economic growth
(ii) It limits industrial growth: Poor transportation does limit industrial growth as raw materials, services and finished goods are not easily transported to the points of their need.
(iii) It discourages investors: Investors are usually discouraged where there are poor development in transportation
(iv) Inadequate exploitation of natural resources: Poor transportation can limit effective exploitation of natural resources in the area which tends to affect the Economic growth of a nation.
Import substitution industrialization (ISI) is a trade and economic policy which advocates replacing foreign imports with domestic production.
(i)To reduce unemployment
(ii)import substitution
policies allow a nation to be completely self-sufficient.
(iii)to protect domestic industries from import competition.
(iv)to reduce its foreign dependency through the local production of
industrialized products.
(i)make small products, mainly to be bought by individuals.
(ii)Most are small-scale, suitable for factory units on industrial estates.
(iii)only a limited amounts of investment capital is needed.
1. Between latitude 4°N and 14°N
2. Between longitude 3°E and 15°E
3. Located in the African continent
4. Located almost at the center of the curve made at the Western part of the continent
1.Fourth largest country in the West Africa by landmass
2. Total area of 923,768km²
3. Stretches for about 1300km east to west
i)soil – Thick fertile such as loams and
alluvium promote agricultural production
ii)Vegetation – Areas of open woodland
and grassland are easy to settle in.
i)Economic – Large rich markets for
trade, good infrastructure such as
roads, railways etc as well as a skilled
and varied labour force
ii)Social – Some groups of people prefer
to live together for security and
i)Depletion of Natural Resources: The
effects of overpopulation are quite
severe. The first of these is the depletion
of resources.
ii)Degradation of Environment: With the
overuse of coal, oil and natural gas, it
has started producing some serious
effects on our environment .
iii)Conflicts and Wars: Overpopulation in
developing countries puts a major strain
on the resources it should be utilizing
for development.
iv)High Cost of Living : As difference
between demand and supply continues
to expand due to overpopulation, it
raises the prices of various commodities
including food, shelter and healthcare.
v)Accelerated Habitat Loss
The increased loss of the ecosystems including wetlands, wildlife, rainforests, coral reefs, aquatic life forms, and grasslands are highly influenced by overpopulation.
vi)Lower Life Expectancy and Diminished
Quality of Life Overpopulation lowers the standards of living since it creates stress on the vital resources for survival and increases the difficulty of accessing
the consistent supply of quality food, water, energy, health, security and shelter.
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