Lol! Checkout These 5 Words That Don’t Exist But Were Invented By Nigerians! see here>>>>



Nigerians are known to be creative for a lot of things and one of which is how we manipulate languages and putting them our own taste.

You wouldn’t agree more which is more juicy to the tongue between “pidgin English” and normal “English Language”… Of course it’s pidgin! Virtually every Nigerian can speak the Pidgin English!

But hey! Not only did we produce pidgin English, my dear, we also invented our words! How cool eh?!

Don’t be surprised when you find out you’re guilty of using these words that actually don’t exist!

Check them below:

  • 1. Installmentally

How you tell the marketer of a good that you’ll be paying the money “Installmentally”… C’mon don’t lie, you know you say it! Hehe… The word is so wrong that even my text editor is underlining it red for me!


  • 2. Night-Vigil

When else is a vigil suppose to hold?! In the morning… Google the meaning of vigil and you’ll be shocked yourself!


  • 3. Disvirgin

“I was “disvirgined” at the age of…” There’s even a past tense for it! What you mean to say my dear, is “deflower”, after me, De-flow-er… There you go!


  • 4. Wake Keeping (Wake keep)

It’s just so sad that they put the blunder in some programme booklets for funerals though… “wake-keeping: Friday – 1pm”… tsk tsk tsk…


  • 5. Cunny

Oh no! It’s not the urban word meant as a euphemism for the female body part. When Nigerians say “cunny” they mean “cunning”… Yeah well, the words are sweet in our tongues eh?!


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