Checkout Covenant University’s School Fees For 100 Level Students This Session see here>>>>>>>

Recall, Bishop Oyedepo had warned critics not to criticize the fees of Covenant University in order to avoid the wrath of God.
Read Here:
Now, a Facebook User shared images of the University’s School fees structure for their newly admitted 100 level students and wrote:
This is Covenant University’s School Fees For 100 Level Students. And I want to ask, how can an average Nigerian church member afford this?
If you are David Oyedepo’s church member and you are on my Facebook, you are free to insult me, but before you do it, first go home and think and do the calculations yourself. If you are a Living Faith church member and your father is earning N100,000 per month, I’m sure he won’t like to disgrace himself by putting you in this school.
Now ask yourselves, what is the gain of those average and poor people who have contributed and are still contributing to the progress of this university? Oh, their gain must be in Heaven, huh?
We also went to their website to confirm their school fee structure…see below: