Harrysong dumps five star music, floats his own record label see here>>>>>>>>

Reggae Blues Singer, Harrysong has just dumped his record label – Five star music!
This evening, Harrysong shared the logo below

… Apparently, he didn’t say anything about the photo, other than a “Chop knucle” emoji..Now we’ve found out that the logo is for his own record label. He also added “Alter Plate” to his bio etcetera.
Now the gist is, Harrysong still has a 2-year old contract with Five Star Music and trust 5star will definitely come for him… This of course will lead to another Celebrity/Entertainment fight. Ghen Ghen!
We don’t have all the details but according to someone in the know, Harrysong was unhappy with his contract and wanted out. Without informing Five Star, he started his own label.
A source close to the music label said he believes that the music label will take it up with Harrysong as they paid a lot of money to break his contract with his former music label, Kevin Luciano’s Question Mark Records before they could even sign him and they have spent a lot of money on him and he still has contractual agreements with them until 2018.
Harrysong doesn’t seem to care as he’s already launched his own label.
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