Cheat: How to use any SIM Card on your Modem (Dongle) without Strees it see here>>>>


If you have a Glo modem, MTN modem, Etisalat dongle or Airtel modem and you want to unlock any of these modems to use any sim card on it, you must have notice that, most of these modems cannot be unlocked. Today, that issue is gone, you can now worry less about unlocking your modem to use any sim card on it.

Here I will show you how to use any sim card on your modem whether it is not the SIM card’s modem you have. Now I don’t need to unlock my Glo modem to use my MTN Sim card on it. I will show you exactly how I did it.

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  1. First of all, you must have to download Nokia PC suite and install on your PC if you don’t have it already, now insert a different SIM card in your modem or dongle. Just ignore whatever your modem says and click ok. As shown in the picture below.unlock modem
  1. Launch Nokia PC suite on your computer and click on the File menu, then select connect to internet from the drop down menu. See picture below
  2. mtn modems
  1. Then click on the spanner like icon to configure it.
  1. Choose your modem from the drop down list and click the next button,
  1. Select either manual configuration or automatic configuration and then choose your network provider from the list.

Here i choose Etisalat Nigeria because my sim card is etisalat. If it is not found there or perhaps it is not connecting, then choose manual configuration and configure it manually.

  1. Use the following APN for each network.
  2. etisalat dongle

Etisalat APN is etisalat

Glo APN is glowap

Airtel APN is


  1. Now click connect. If it fails to connect the first time, continue click on the connect button until it connects.

I hope this info helps? feel free to share this post with your friends using the like/share buttons. You can also subscribe to my blog below for more tips delivered to your inbox. Thank you.


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