News: Cossy Orjiakor Recounts How She Walked Up To A Shy Man And Gave Him Her Number. see here>>>>


Lol… Her story of the shy guy is hilarious to me though… She says the guy was sweating because he wanted to chat her up… LMAO! Why won’t he sweat?! When he’s confused whether he’s capable of enough of handling the her load! LMAO..

Read what she wrote below:

“I saw him staring at me…I noticed him sweating and uncomfortable.. We were stuck at d waiting room for over 40min. Don’t know what was causing his discomfort. But I kept quite…when it was time for me to go in…I jokingly said…hi…hope your ok.. A problem shared is a problem solved .. Found out all he wanted was to chat me up and get a number.. Well ended up giving him my public line. Sometimes people miss out on opportunities because they are afraid to ask. Be a true Nigerian we are not afraid of the word #No. Its just a word. It does not come with a jail sentence or koboko. The word #No simply shows your recognized. Ur noticed .. Be ambitious, be recognized and get noticed… Then soon u will start hearing yes yes yes… Hahhha exactly d sound i make when am getting some. ……. Hahhahaha”









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