News: Bankers To Be Sacked For Introducing Customers To MMM Read Here>>>>


Indications have emerged that some, if not many, bank workers may lose their jobs over the recent crash of the Ponzi scheme MMM, in Nigeria.

Some Banks may sack their workers that introduced customers to scheme. According to MMM some banks are seriously considering sacking their workers who were found guilty of
introducing customers to the Ponzi scheme.


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The bankers were said to have got customers of financial institutions involved in the scheme in order for them to make 10 per cent commission.

A reliable source said:

“Just learnt hundreds of bankers may lose their jobs for luring their bank customers into investing in the failed MMM. Just for 10% commission.”

Recall that reports about the freezing of accounts of participants in the MMM Ponzi scheme emerged on Tuesday, December 13.

It should also be recalled that some banks warned their customers over participating in the scheme. Some banks even wrote letters to their customers warning them away from MMM


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