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Emmanuella has shown again why she cannot be joked with and you cannot also toy with her. This video will teach you to mind your business as displayed by Emmanuella here, after watching this video, you will laugh till your stomach hurts. Don’t forget to share this video with loved ones, family and friends.


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News: See what a Nigerian Lady did to a guy on whatsapp after he confessed his feelings to her (photos) Here>>>

There’s nothing I hate more than that petty little letter – “K”.

I usually tell folks not to K or Ok me.. Like, if they don’t have any reply for me.. It’s better you don’t reply me at all.

Apparently, a Guy who probably shares the same reasoning with me got his hopes dashed after he confessed his feelings to his crush and he was K’d.

See The Screenshots below:





All Jessica’s in Nigeria are evil!

‘Bloody Hell!