News: “It’s 2017 & I am stopping the nudes” – Anita Joseph says Read Full Story Here>>>>


Well, this might not be good news for men, especially those that jack on nu.des.

Anita Joseph has said she is more mature and wiser now and grown past the level of showing her nu.dity all in the name of being beautiful, hence she is stopping.

She disclosed this to Sunday Scoop saying;


“This is 2017; the time of nakedness has passed. I must not always show my body to be beautiful. I am growing up and becoming more mature. A lot of things will be changing about me this year. For my birthday, a lot of people expected me to wear swimming trunks and practically go naked. But I wore long dresses and they were still sexy.”

Responding to a question on whether she was intentionally putting on those revealing outfits to tease men, she retorted,

“I take pictures and I post them. I don’t care who the pictures are teasing; that is not my business. I have a good body and whatever I wear suits me; it does not matter if it is long or short. Even if I wear a long gown, it is still going to be sexy. At times when I put on those sexy and revealing clothes, it is because I am on set. When I am filming, I wear whatever suits the character I am playing. Normally, I love clothes that cover my body because they make more sense and flatter my figure.”


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