News: MMM Musician Gets Fed Up, Does A Remix Of His Son For The Scheme. Download Here>>>

kelvins app

The ponzi scheme had announced its comeback for business earlier this year, after its member’s accounts in the ponzi scheme were frozen for almost a month – comedian and comic singer, Kelvinsapp, did a song video for the scheme, which he shared on his Instagram page.

While Kelvin shares his heartache in the video, we have no other option but to laugh at the hilarity of the video.

Here’s the song lyrics:

“The mmm remix

“Father Help me! Jesus help me. #mmm eh. What Ave u done ewo!!! Ebube!!! #mmm what u Ave done ewo!!

“My landlord eh is back again. I thought he was gone eh. My house rent eh is over due ewo. All my GH o jes dey vanish o

“#mmm neh Meh wili wili oh. #mmm eh what Ave u done ewo.”





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