News: “One thing Wizkid needs to Learn from Davido” — Concerned Wizkid fan writes Read Here>>>>

Wizkid fan writes

A concerned fan has written to Wizkid on why he should emulate Davido.. Read Below the interesting piece as written by @Iamsynord on Twitter.

The Roots !!!

Never change your real self/style to gain appeal to some people who care less about what you may have to offer… Originality matters a lot..

Davido signed to Sony Music and was not allowed to drop a single song for eleven months…The single drought adversely affected his career in terms of airplay, shows and awards.. By the time he was allowed to drop songs, he had to forfeit his creative control and dropped the poorly received Son Of Mercy EP where he had to do rnb, Patois, trap and some other sounds alien to the davido we know..

Fast forward,Davido realized he had made a big mistake …He realized he had stop giving people what attracted sony/Rca to him in the first place..

His African rhythm/melody….His creative control had been seized and he was being forced to do songs that appealed to the whites…

Swiftly, he posted on his Instagram that f**k the international s**I and claimed he is back to his roots and his basics…He also added that his creative control had been returned.. He sacked his manager, Kamal and got his old pal, Asa asika on board…

…Long story short, Davido returned to what we knew him for..Pure Gbedu African Sound…His Single ” IF is the biggest single at the moment …And his next singles ( all African jams ) Fall. BabyTomato and Won le ba are all potential hits..Davido had even set aside his international feature titled kpere ft youngthug and swae Lee to later dates… Sense..

Wizkid since featuring Drake has been turned from the gbedu and lamba African sound giver to a reggae and dancehall singer.. The plan is to turn wizkid completely to a dancehall singer… Bounce along with Zara Larsson, u don’t know with Justine Skye, Kranium’s believe, major laser Boom boom, Daddy Yo, Sweet love, fine wine remix, Rkelly thank you…

Every single Song has been a drift to the reggae ragga Impression…No wonder the latest song “whine for me” was with Vybez kartel…Some might say Wizkid is trying to appeal to international market or he does global music now, but which of the So called globally appealing music has made it as big as Ojuelegba, where Africa percussions and the Yoruba langugage signifying his roots was used..

Which of these globally appealing singles have gotten airplays like in my bed, Ojuelegba. Show me the money…

Fela anikulapo kuti invented afro beats and today , he is more known internationally than any Nigerian artist …Sunny Ade was nominated for Grammy for his juju music…

— You can’t do it better than the people that owns the stuff, no matter how you try,U will only be close to them ‘

Davido raked in Over 45 million from shows according to his Snapchat from shows after he released If ….Wizkid has not performed in Nigeria since last year !!! who is gaining and who is losing…

Wizkid , I beg of you , take us back to the days of no lele, Oluwa lo ni, ojuelegba, mummy mi, Holla at your boy , tease me.. We are tired of this your ” Do what the teacher say don’t come late ” and reggaeton oyinbo vibes..

African music can get you the Grammy.Ask.Angelique kidjo ,Soweto choir and Yiussoif Dior.

Written by a Concerned fan

Twitter @Iamsynord


Comedy Skit: Emmanuella Markangel comedy The Police Officer Download Here>>>>

Emmanuella was in school arguing with a classmate and as usual, she nust win the argument no matter the cost. This time around, she wins the argument but landed her uncle Mark Angel and also Denilson Igwe in trouble as she leaked a secret to her classmate not knowing that the men beside them were police officers. You will want to know what this secret is and what the Police officers did with the information, its highly entertaining and funny.

This video will thrill you even if you watch it for one million times, it will never stop being funny. Please watch this video where your loud laughter can be tolerated because this video has what it takes to thrill you and make you laugh out loud and roll on the ground.




News: #BBNaija 2017: Why Efe won Big Brother Naija See Here>>>>>>>

Housemate, Efe secured 57.61 per cent of votes to emerge winner of the 2017 Big Brother Naija ‘See Goobe’ reality TV show on Sunday.

The Warri-born up and coming rap artist beat Bisola, who became the 1st runner up with 18.54 per cent of the vote at the grand finale.

Tboss scored 13.60 per cent to emerge the 2nd runner up; Debie-Rise 8.78 per cent, 3rd runner up while Marvis scored 1.47 per cent.

Efe was given a brand new Kia Sorento SUV and N25 million naira cash prize. Efe who had never failed to stress that he was real was nominated for eviction in January and March but survived. The economics graduate had stressed that his humility, simplicity and being real would make him win the hearts of viewers.

His emergence came after Marvis, Debie-Rise and Tboss were evicted during the grand finale. Efe who was Marvis’ love interest in the house said in spite of the attraction between them, he was careful not to do anything that could jeopardise his stay in the house. He was Head of House once and had been very active in most games and tasks in the Big Brother House.

He had actively participated in the ONE Campaign song, the video shoot, drama and others. He had always been delight of the party during the usual Saturday night party in the house.

Efe, during Davido’s visit said if he won the grand prize, he would use it to push his music career to the next level Earlier in the run-up to his announcement, Bisola, was announced the winner of the One Campaign. Bisola’s winning the One Campaign appeared to be an anti-climax.

The One campaign will make Bisola represent Nigeria at the United Nations later. High point of the grand finale was musical performances by Tiwa Savage, Emmy Gee featuring AB Crazy and Tuface Idibia.

Abisola Ayeola, also known as Bisola in the 2017 Big Brother Naija reality TV show has emerged winner of “ONE Campaign” on girl-child education. Desmond Elliot, an actor and member of the Lagos State House of Assembly presented the prize to her.

According to the Coordinator of the ONE Campaign, Ms Serah Mekka, Bisola would join the ONE Campaign Organisation in the United Nations Assembly in New York to speak on girl-child education.

During their stay in the house, housemates were given a task to make a presentation on girl-child education in Nigeria where Bisola won the heart of the judges with her captivating presentation. She had done exceptionally well in the 11 weeks reality show; becoming the head of House and wining the hearts of many viewers.

ONE Campaign is an international Advocacy Organisation for girl-child education with offices in London, united States, Nigeria and parts of the world. The single mother of one who emerged 1st runner up in the show expressed delighted in accepting the prize for the ONE Campaign. Earlier in the show, Bisola said she missed her family.

The Nigerian-British actress, singer, MC and presenter described her fellow housemates as fantastic and great people. She said Marvis was a committed person and was more stronger than when she came in the house.

On ThinTallTony (TTT), her love interest while in the house, Bisola said that she loved him as a person.

“I appreciate how he allowed me to play with him and disturb him every time. “I like his person; its not that I want to have a relationship; am here to have fun and that is what I was doing,” she said.

She had displayed that she was not bothered during the show when one of the fake housemates, Ese informed her (Bisola) that TTT was married with kids. She told Ese that whatever happened between she-Bisola and TTT stayed and ended in the Big Brother House.

Bisola who came fifth at the first season of Project Fame West Africa had a lot of controversial moments in the house with some of the housemates.

Expo: Physics (Essay // Objective) Waec 2017 Free Expo Answers See Here>>>


Monday, 10th April, 2017

Physics 2 (Essay) 09.30am – 11.00am
Physics 1 (Objectives) 11.00am – 12.15pm

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(i) / means division or divide
2/2 means 2/2 ie 2 over 2.
(ii) * means multiplication
Example: 2*2 means 2×2
(iii) ^ means Raise to power
(iv) Sqr root means means square root sign ie _/


decrease in height (h)
increase in time (t)
this shows that distance changes with time
i)Brownian motion
ii)Atomic size
given that U=15m3^-1
R=U* sqr2h/g
L1=14cm F1=4N,F2=6N
L2=4cm, Lo=?
Using hooke’s law
by increasing the density mosquitoes lavrva than the density of water
A)Energy efficient- so far the best light for interior lighting
B)Low production cost (of tubes, not of the ballasts)
C)Long life of tubes
i)It requires low voltage sources for it to function
ii)It cannot be easily broken
iii)It is cheaper and quite easy to manufacture

If their distance and masses are doubled their corresponding force would also be doubled and the work done respectively
I.e.Workdone=Force * distance
Force= Mass * Acceleration
W= Mg * d
-Acceleration due to gravity
– At maximum height, final velocity is zero
i)pushing someone on a swing.
ii)Tuning a radio to a particular frequency.

A wave front is an imaginary surface passing through the points of a medium oscillatory in phase

11a A dielectric is an electrical insulator that can be polorised by an applied electric field.

11aii) GIVEN: A = 9.6 * 10^-3 M^2
d = 2.25 * 10^4
Eo = 8.85 * 10^-12 F/m
Er = 900
C = /
using; C = EoErA/d

capacity, C = 8.85*10^-12 * 900 * 9.6*10^-3/2.25 * 106-4
C = 33984 * 10^-11
C = 3.3984 8 10^7 F
C =0.344F

Nuclear fission is a nuclear reaction in which a heavy nucleus splits spontaneously or on impact with another particle, with the release of energy.
A graphite reactor is a nuclear reactor that uses carbon as a neutron moderator, which allows un-enriched uranium to be used as nuclear fuel.
Boron rods are used in
nuclear reactors to control the fission rate of uranium and plutonium. They are composed of chemical elements such as boron, silver, indium and cadmium that are capable of absorbing many neutrons without themselves fissioning.

All liquid sodium nuclear fission reactors are devices designed to
maintain a chain reaction producing a steady flow
of neutrons generated by the fission of heavy
nuclei. They are, however, differentiated either by
their purpose or by their design features. In terms
of purpose, they are either research reactors or
power reactors.

Boron rods are used in nuclear reactors to control the fission rate of uranium and plutonium. They are composed of chemical elements such as boron, silver, indium and cadmium that are capable of absorbing many neutrons without themselves fissioning.



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Expo: Geography Practical Waec 2017 Free Expo Answers See Here>>>>>

Monday, 10th April, 2017

Geography 3 (Practical and Physical Geography) 2.00pm – 3.50pm

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Scale 1:25,000
i)it has few social amenities
ii)it is a feature of rural settlements
iii)they are only motivate in primary activities like farming lumbering fisht etc
i)water transport
i)dentritic pattern

3a )
Erosion is the process of eroding or being eroded by wind ,
water, or other natural agents . While Mass movement is
the movement of surface material caused by gravity .

the movement of surface material caused by gravity .
3b )
i ) runing water
ii) winds
iii) waves
vi ) glaciers

3c )
i ) Water
– rainwater acts as a lubricant to
weathered materials .
ii) Vegetation
– lack of vegetation cover to hold the
loose particles .
iii) Rock structure
– joints dipping downslope usually
assists landslides , rockfalls , rockslide ,
rock creep .

i)Rarely has fossils
ii)React with acid
iii)have alternate bands of light
and dark minerals
i)formed through the action of heat and pressure
ii)formed from clay
iii)formed from limestone
i)rocks are source of minerals eg gold,silver,petroleum etc
ii)rocks are source of materials for construction
iii)rocks serves as raw materials for industry eg cement industry


i) For transportation

ii) For tourist attraction

iii) Source of livelihood

7a )
i ) Agricultural Pollution
ii) Oil Pollution .
iii) Radioactive Substances polution
iv ) River dumping pollution
v ) Marine Dumping pollution

7b )
i ) A regular qualitative and quantitative monitoring of fresh
water resources.
ii) Construct proper sanitary landfill
iii) Investigate ground water quality .
iv ) Provide government help for waste management by
industries .
v ) Throw refuse into garbage cans . Visitors who throw
garbage into pools , lakes , ponds, and even along the
beaches pollute recreational sites on a daily basis

6a)Soil can be defined as the organic and inorganic materials on the surface of the earth that provide the medium for plant growth.

6bii Clay soils with 25-40% clay
These soils have a good ability to transport water by
capillary action from deep layers but the rate is slow, so plant water requirements are not met through capillary water.
2 These soils are darker in colour and soil aggregation is more distinct.

a) *Causes of Desert Encroachment*
1. Human activities: such activities such as over-grazing, over-cultivation, bush burning, and excessive cutting of firewood greatly reduce the vegetative cover and expose the land to drought and desertification. Examples of areas with desert encroachment are the Sahelian zones of Nest Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan.
2. Change in Weather: The frequent and prolonged dry weather increases the aridity of affected areas.
3. The southward movement of the dry sub-tropical high pressure belt results in severe drought in semi-arid regions.

b) *Effects of Desert Encroachment*
1. Large scale disruption of socio-economic life arising from crop failure and shortage of water and pasture for livestock.
2. Widespread malnutrition and diseases such as kwashiokor and marasmus.
3. Migration of people from drought areas to more humid areas.
4. Large refugee population, that are made up of victims of drought and social insecurity in the semi-arid areas.
5. Disruption of ecological balance and loss of vegetation, soil and water resources.

c) *Preventive Measures of Desert Encroachment*
1. Conservation of existing vegetation through legislation against indiscriminate exploitation and felling of forests and trees.
2. Legislation and strong control against bush burning.
3. Improved grazing practices.
4. Establishment of shelter belts to protect the soil and arrest the effect of desertification.
5. Afforestation programs.
6. Integrated rural development.
Factors that affect Mass Movement
It is very clear, that mass movement or mass wasting is movement of weathered material with the aid of gravity, there are many factors that affect this movement. I shall tell you about 6 main factors as follows:
1. Where permeable rocks alternate with impermeable rocks, the permeable rocks are more more prone to mass wasting than the impermeable rocks.
2. Mass movement is pronounced in areas with steep slopes where the weathered layer is deep and the weathered materials are loose. Naturally, the rate of movement of weathered materials is faster on steep slopes than on gentle slopes.
3. Mass movement is encouraged if there are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
4. Areas with a high annual range of temperature and a high frequency of freezing and thawing will encourage soil creep while areas with a high temperature and occasional torrential rainfall encourage mudflow.
5. Mass movement is also encouraged if there is no vegetation.
6. The activities of man like mining and herding of animals encourage the production of mass movement or mass wasting. This are the factors that affect Mass movement or wasting.

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