Breaking News: Olumide Bakare, popular Nollywood actor dead See Here>>>>

Abuja – Olumide Bakare,65, Nollywood popular actor is dead. He died in the early hours of Saturday. Olumide Bakare According to media reports, Bakare, who has been sick for more than a year was discharged from the University College Hospital (UCH) last year after he was allegedly diagnosed with a respiratory disorder problem. The Ibadan-based actor and former NTA staff, fondly called Chief Koko on the heels of his role in a TV series, ‘Koko Close’ back in the days, had been battling ill-health since 2013.(NAN)

Music: P-Square – Nobody Ugly -Download Here>>>>>

Nigeria’s most famous pair, P-Square, have completely raised the bar many notches higher with this instant classic they call “Nobody Ugly”.

The track is rendered over a joyful and addictive high-life instrumental and is accompanied with a video fully packed with beautiful bursts of colour and intense, rib-cracking humour. On this song, Peter and Paul positively address some serious social issues of self esteem and the daily damage caused by the alarming “fakeness” on social media.

The extremely beautiful lyrics preach of self acceptance, financial hope, reassurance and positivity while respectfully condemning the need to be unnecessarily extra just for vain endorsement.There’s no contesting the fact that this beautiful piece will sleep at the top of both local and international charts

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Gist: Adekunle Gold admits he wrote his Hit Song “Orente” for Simi Read full Story Here>>>>

YBNL Artiste, Adekunle Gold might just have confirmed that there

YBNL Artiste, Adekunle Gold might just have confirmed that there “might” be a romantic relationship between himself and Simi.

Simi who turned a year older today, took to Instagram to celebrate, and she shared her full name in an Instagram Post.;

Happy birthday Simisola Bolatito Adeola Opeyemi Oreoluwa Ogunleye.

I thank God for so much. A few special people asked me these past few days “Simi what do you want for your birthday?” I thought and I pondered and I thought some more – before I could think of anything, it took me quite a bit. It hit me then how much God has blessed me. I don’t have everything, but I have soooo much to be thankful for.

I can’t even imagine how empty and nothing my life would be without Jesus looking out for me, guiding me, helping me to be the girl I am today.

I see ur love. Everyone of u. Counting down to today like it’s your birthday 😫😫😫😭😭😭. I love u so damn much. I love u everyday. Thank you. #birthdaygirl

Baby you the best.

This of course didn’t take long to connect the dots, as Nigerians realized her names were what Adekunle Gold mentioned in his song, Orente.

Immediately, a fan directed a question at Simi on Twitter: “@Symplysimi Quick question. Just saw your full name on IF. Taking me back to Orente by @adekunleGOLD. Did you inspire him to write the song?”

..and then Adekunle Gold responded thus: “I wrote it for her”

Expo: Chemistry (Essay & Objective) Waec 2017 Free Expo Answers See Here>>>>


Tuesday, 18th April, 2017

Chemistry 2 (Essay) 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Chemistry 1 (Objective) 4.00pm – 5.00pm







an acid base indicator is a weak acid or weak base that exhibits a colour change as the concentration of hydrogen (H^+) or hydroxide (H^-) ions changes in an aqueous solution
i)oxidizing agent
ii)mixed anhydride
enthalpy of combustion is the heat evolved when one mole of a substance is completely burns in oxygen gas under standard conditions
enthapy of combustion is always negetive since it involvs a rise in temperature and heat of reactants is greater than the heat of products
primary cell is a cell that cannot be re charged while secondary cell is a cell that can be recharged

primary cell — daniell cell
secondary cell — lead accumulator

mole is the unit of measurement in the International System of Units (SI) for amount of substance. The unit is defined as the amount of a chemical substance which contains as many representative particles, e.g., atoms, molecules, ions, electrons, or photons, as there are atoms in 12 grams of carbon-12 (12C), the isotope of carbon with relative atomic mass

n= V=40cm^3
c= 0.40moldm^3
0.40*40/1000 = 0.016mol

i) Platinum
ii) Carbon

i) Hydrogen bonds
ii) Vander waals forces

1i) Water(H2O) and Carbonmonoxide (Co)

1j) 1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 3p^6 3d^3 4s^2


in other words the oil is stained red. This is a aspecifit test for fats
if suden (iii) is added to fats a distinct red colouration is observed
Given 2502+02+2H20—>2H2SO4
1mole produce 2mole
1.3mole produce 3mole
moles of H2SO4=3mole
molar mass of H2SO4=(1+2)+32+(4*16)
mole=mass/molar mass
mass and H2SO4=Mole*molar mass



Thermal cracking
(I) H H. H
| | |
| | | |
(II) H H
| |
| | | |
I-normal butene
II -But-2-ene
C4H8 +H2 ——-> C4H10
– rub the fat on a blank white paper
– pour Sudan (III) dye over the paper
-wash the paper under tap
– rubbing the fat on the paper produces a translucent color
-pouring sudan (III) will stain the blot red
– fat is present because sudan (III) can stain fat red


C(s) + O2(g) =====> Co2(g)
Co2(g) + C(s) =====> 2Co(g)
Fe2O3(s) + 3Co(g) =====> 2Fe(l) + 3Co2(g)
The limestone present decomposes as follows:
CaCo3(s) =====> CaO(s) + Co2(g)
Which is available to remove silicon(iv) oxide impurity
SiO2(s) + CaO(s) =====> CaSiO3(s)
Faraday’s first law of electrolysis states that, the mass (m) of an element discharged during an electrolysis is directly proportional to the quantity of electricity (Q) passing through it.







Gist: Mercy Johnson twerks on stage.. and it’s everything Watch (video) Here>>>>

Mercy Johnson twerks

Delectable Mercy Johnson attended the Glo Mega Music Tour in Akwa and she surprised her fans when she went on stage and twerked or, shaked her butt. Lol

From the video shared by Comment Section on Instagram, it shows the actress dancing to Flavour’s hit song – “Shake Ukwu” ..and of course, she put her “ukwu” to work.. and she was cheered by an excited audience.

This is the first time Mercy Johnson would be showing off her dance skill beyond the screen.

Recently, the actress shared photos from her easter celebration in her home.

Watch the video:

Another video:

News: Simi’s outfit for a recent performance has got people talking. See Here>>>>>>>

Simi performed at the just concluded Gidi Fest and her outfit to the event is the talk of the night tonight.

She shared photos where she rocked the blue hair with and a “crazy” Kanye-inspired top… and oh of course, her shoes.

Her fans think she’s a Rihanna-wannabe and it just doesn’t suit her.

See some comments below:

News: Pastor allegedly turns water into kerosene during Sunday service (Video) Watch Here>>>

Pastor allegedly turns water into kerosene

A Zambian pastor, Andrew CFM, who’s a self-acclaimed miracle worker, has claimed to have turned water into kerosene during his Church’s worship service.

The pastor, popularly called Seer 1, had asked the congregation to come with a bottle of water each, as he was about turning the contents variously into wine, kerosene and even premium motor spirit, also known as petrol.

He reportedly had his own bottles, too, which he laid on the floor before the altar and prayed on the contents to be turned into kerosene.

After the ‘prayers,’ he picked up one of the bottles and poured the contents on a folded paper and lit it.

As the fire burned, the congregation erupted into uproarious shout and dashed to the altar area. Everyone who made it to the ‘miracle spot’ touched whatever was seeping out of the burning bottles and anointed themselves with it.

Controversies have since trailed the alleged miracle.

Watch the video Below:

News: See Church in Congo where they drink beer to cast out demons See Here>>>>>

congo church

Our radar has reached Congo, and this time it’s reporting that there’s a church in Congo known as Louzolo Amour, where they use beer to cast our demons out of their members.

Emile Loufoua Cetikouabo founded the church, and he has proclaimed himself as god, claims to be invisible. Though the founder is dead, but church members claim he is represented one earth by their current leader, Charles Mikoungui Loundou.

congo church

The church believes beer can be used to cleanse evil spirits. The members call this mixture of beer and faith, “biéramicine”.

Services which lasts up to 9 hours are dedicated to the healing of souls and bodies with sips of beer and praise. People come from all walks of life mainly to seek an immediate solution to all their evils.

congo church

“I arrived here sick, brother Mikoungui gave me a bottle of beer, I drank a first sip, and a second, at the third one, I went into a trance, I then felt better. I believe beer can heal, if you drink it with faith”a believer, Kondi Jean- Jacques, told African news.

Gist: Check Out These Hilarious Tweets As Judas Iscariot Trends On Twitter See Here>>>>

Today is Good Friday, and according to the Bible, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ on this day, 2000 years ago.

Twitter Naija in their usual way have made hilarious memes and tweets to mark the day.

Continue to see more after the cut….

News: “One thing Wizkid needs to Learn from Davido” — Concerned Wizkid fan writes Read Here>>>>

Wizkid fan writes

A concerned fan has written to Wizkid on why he should emulate Davido.. Read Below the interesting piece as written by @Iamsynord on Twitter.

The Roots !!!

Never change your real self/style to gain appeal to some people who care less about what you may have to offer… Originality matters a lot..

Davido signed to Sony Music and was not allowed to drop a single song for eleven months…The single drought adversely affected his career in terms of airplay, shows and awards.. By the time he was allowed to drop songs, he had to forfeit his creative control and dropped the poorly received Son Of Mercy EP where he had to do rnb, Patois, trap and some other sounds alien to the davido we know..

Fast forward,Davido realized he had made a big mistake …He realized he had stop giving people what attracted sony/Rca to him in the first place..

His African rhythm/melody….His creative control had been seized and he was being forced to do songs that appealed to the whites…

Swiftly, he posted on his Instagram that f**k the international s**I and claimed he is back to his roots and his basics…He also added that his creative control had been returned.. He sacked his manager, Kamal and got his old pal, Asa asika on board…

…Long story short, Davido returned to what we knew him for..Pure Gbedu African Sound…His Single ” IF is the biggest single at the moment …And his next singles ( all African jams ) Fall. BabyTomato and Won le ba are all potential hits..Davido had even set aside his international feature titled kpere ft youngthug and swae Lee to later dates… Sense..

Wizkid since featuring Drake has been turned from the gbedu and lamba African sound giver to a reggae and dancehall singer.. The plan is to turn wizkid completely to a dancehall singer… Bounce along with Zara Larsson, u don’t know with Justine Skye, Kranium’s believe, major laser Boom boom, Daddy Yo, Sweet love, fine wine remix, Rkelly thank you…

Every single Song has been a drift to the reggae ragga Impression…No wonder the latest song “whine for me” was with Vybez kartel…Some might say Wizkid is trying to appeal to international market or he does global music now, but which of the So called globally appealing music has made it as big as Ojuelegba, where Africa percussions and the Yoruba langugage signifying his roots was used..

Which of these globally appealing singles have gotten airplays like in my bed, Ojuelegba. Show me the money…

Fela anikulapo kuti invented afro beats and today , he is more known internationally than any Nigerian artist …Sunny Ade was nominated for Grammy for his juju music…

— You can’t do it better than the people that owns the stuff, no matter how you try,U will only be close to them ‘

Davido raked in Over 45 million from shows according to his Snapchat from shows after he released If ….Wizkid has not performed in Nigeria since last year !!! who is gaining and who is losing…

Wizkid , I beg of you , take us back to the days of no lele, Oluwa lo ni, ojuelegba, mummy mi, Holla at your boy , tease me.. We are tired of this your ” Do what the teacher say don’t come late ” and reggaeton oyinbo vibes..

African music can get you the Grammy.Ask.Angelique kidjo ,Soweto choir and Yiussoif Dior.

Written by a Concerned fan

Twitter @Iamsynord